From Well-Being to Flourishing:

Living in Soul Consciousness Workshop

Tuscany, Italy

With Richard Barrett, Christa Schreiber, Dr. Andrea Bokler, and Heike Heeg

You don't have an inner core, a higher self or a soul; you are the inner core, you are the higher self, you are the soul. 


Feedback from Participants

"I found the workshop to be an excellent structured approach in the journey of self-discovery and soul consciousness. The process evolves in a very measured way and is clearly facilitated by experts in the field. The emergent learning for me was invaluable and the experience continues to guide me in my daily life. I consider the workshop a pivotal week in my life experience and I certainly can recommend it as an invaluable journey to self-discovery and soul purpose."

- John Keane, Purposeful Human Resource Development.

Join Richard Barrett for a four-day immersion in learning how to live in soul consciousness. Discover who you really are at the soul level: Learn how to connect with your soul; befriend your soul; trust your soul; and become one with your soul.

As you align your ego with your soul and live your purpose, synchronicity will rain down on you, and you will find yourself living in greater harmony with yourself and others. Some struggle to find their purpose. Others discover it, but find it challenging to live it. No matter where you are on this spectrum, this workshop can help you discover your destiny. 

This workshop is a unique opportunity to work with Richard in the beautiful and inspiring Tuscan countryside, at the 13th Century Vignamaggio Estate - the birthplace of Mona Lisa.

Since the workshops are limited to 12 people, early registration is recommended.


I want to register for the workshop on May 6-10, 2019

I want to register for the workshop on September 22-26, 2019


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Through a combination of lectures and exercises, you will come to understand where you are on your journey.  You will learn:

  • What stage of psychological development you are at.
  • What levels of consciousness you are operating from.
  • What fears are preventing you from living your destiny.
  • How to remove the fears that are blocking your progress. 



This workshop is designed for anyone who wishes to live in alignment with who they really are, experience a sense of well-being, and learn how to flourish in their lives. It is applicable to anyone who wants to find meaning and purpose in their lives to have a fulfilling life. 

If you are in the helping professions (social, medical, psychological), leadership development or managing human resources, you will find this workshop particularly helpful for understanding the needs, desires, and motivations of the people you are working with. 

In an effort to make this valuable information available to young people (students or a young professional, 30 years or under), we would like to offer you an exchange. If you can support the workshop team in some way (during the workshop, marketing the workshop, or follow-up, etc.), by using your talents, we are willing to offer you a place on the workshop for the modest fee of $350 (to cover costs of meals). You will also be responsible for your travel and accommodation costs. 


I want to register for the workshop on May 6-10, 2019

I want to register for the workshop on September 22-26, 2019


Download the Workshop Flyer


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