Evolutionary Coaching



If every leader had an evolutionary coach, 
if every leader was an evolutionary coach, 
every workplace would be the best possible place to work.


Evolutionary Coaching is about the framework of human development that coaches need to be familiar with in order to facilitate the full emergence of their client’s potential: not just helping people become more proficient at what they do, but helping them participate in their own evolution, the evolution of their organisations, the evolution of our global society and the evolution of our species.’ Richard Barrett, 2014


This course is a 3.5-day non-residential program based on Richard Barrett's book, Evolutionary Coaching, created to enable participants to facilitate through coaching "human emergence of full spectrum consciousness'' (Richard Barrett). Evolutionary Coaching is for leaders, coaches, and consultants who wish to expand their coaching toolkit to incorporate coaching with values and Richard Barrett's Seven Levels of Consciousness Model.


Evolutionary Coaching Training is a coaching program with CTT accreditation for assessments for individuals and leaders:

(* with the option to have data plots only)

Participants will be BVC-registered as an Evolutionary Coaching Consultant.


Evolutionary Coaching is accredited by ICF (International Coach Federation for following CCE Units (Continuous Coach Education): 10 hours Core Competencies and 14 hours Resource Development.


Feedback from Participants:

“You bring such heart and creativity to the course and open a learning space where students engage naturally and deeply. It was a joy to see you at work.”  - Phil Clothier, CEO Barrett Values Centre

“A sincere well done for everything. You took a complex, rich and detailed subject and turned it into a three-day immense experience.” - John Campbell, Senior CTT-trainer & Coach

“You've taken Richard's skeleton and built a beautiful body.” - Andrew Mills, Leadership Coach & Mentor


Information about the instructor, Patrik Somers Stephenson:

  • UK resident with Belgian roots.
  • Writer, speaker, executive coach, values consultant, and CTT Practitioner trainer.
  • Translator of Evolutionary Coaching in Dutch: ‘Evolutionair Coachen’ (2016).
  • Creator & facilitator of Evolutionary Coaching Training.
  • Initiator and Co-Editor of A World Book of Values.


For more information, please visit Evolution Inside Out website or contact the instructor: patrik@evolutioninsideout.com

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