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The program is a 15 day Forum-Field-Forum facilitator development program delivered over several months. It is based on the Barrett Seven Levels of Consciousness and Adult Stages of Development frameworks and focuses on values as the key to transformation of leaders.

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Facilitating Through Values™ Testimonials: 

“You have to experience this course; it is a journey – just reading about this is not enough. You will experience yourself in such a deep way where you understand who you are and who you could become. It frees your heart. I wish everybody who is a CTT consultant could go to this course. This is what they need” -Tor Eneroth, Network Director, Barrett Values Centre

"Facilitating Transformation through Values can be summed up in one word: transformational.
Allow me to explain from my own experience:
Freedom/independence is one of my values. I have been living it from the lower level of consciousness linked to my survival/self-esteem needs. During the program, I realized that in fact my higher consciousness is calling me to let freedom be a channel of love, service, forgiveness, making a difference. Living it at this higher level of consciousness means when I experience upset, I smile and say to myself,  'What is calling you? Love, forgiveness, service?'
FTV integrates with the BVC tools and work by providing the perfect 'HOW' in terms of holding space for leaders on their conscious evolution journey.  
I am thrilled to be on this journey."
 - Ruth Kwalanda, Director, Programs of CIARafrica

“Overall I had a deeply transformational experience both on a personal and organisational level. It facilitated my wish for the week more than 100%. It strengthened my trust and faith in my Being part, integrated a lot, so that I am being prepared to fully live my soul's purpose. The week was a life changing experience for me” -Vivienne Reesink, KLM Airlines, Netherlands

“The facilitators' quality and role modelling. Simply exceptional!” -Shalini Matai, Indonesia

“A great exposition and experience of how to facilitate from the SQ space, while being grounded in the business intentions. The two day Leading from Values and Purpose workshop is a fast-track journey for personal transformation with clearly made connections to organisational transformation. The Facilitating through Values program for facilitators is built on strong design principles both in terms of its content and its focus on the SQ intention. This enables participants to be guided and at the same time to be free and enspirited instruments for transformation using the frameworks provided” -Renu Burr, Australia

The Inspired Leader™ Program

An experience of the two-day senior leadership transformation program that the FTV teaches a CTT-Certified Consultant to facilitate.  The Inspired Leader™ Program.  Please visit our Endorsed Training Schedule for dates.  


The Power of Values

An experience of one or several of the deeper session of The Inspired Leader™ Program.  Please visit our Endorsed Training Schedule for dates.