The SCT® Certification Program is a joint project of TransformAction and the Institute of Human Excellence, whose higher purpose is to contribute to the conscious evolution of leaders, teams, and organizations. In this program, you will learn how to design and implement Systemic Cultural Transformation Processes for improving Key Performance Indicators.

Systemic: Because the activation of a new set of values and collective behaviors is achieved through the updating of the cultural archetypes of the members of the organization.

Cultural Transformation: Because the alignment of people and processes with new strategies and corporate values requires renewing cultural artifacts and human management systems of most organizations.

Process: Because it takes time to update our personal paradigms and energy is needed to modify habits to apply new ways of thinking and behaving in the work situation.


Participants learn how to:

  • Validate the cultural changes required to improve Key Performance Indicators associated with strategic challenges of the organization.
  • Build a Driving Coalition to lead the Cultural Transformation Process of an organization, from a shared vision and common values.
  • Develop Cultural Transformation Initiatives focused on aligning processes and improving results, by activating new values and behaviors.
  • Communicate the purposes of the Cultural Transformation, giving it a sense of opportunity for the members of an organization.
  • Define the phases, scope, and actors of a Cultural Transformation Process in an organization.
  • Empower the leaders & teams of an organization as Facilitators and Drivers of the cultural changes required for the alignment of processes and the improvement of results.
  • Create the right environment to share "Good Practices" to align processes and improve results, by activating new values and behaviors.
  • Celebrate, share and publish Driving Teams testimonies of “Quick Wins" and "Success Stories" through endomarketing actions.
  • Determine the impact of cultural changes, processes alignment, and results improvements, on Key Performance Indicators of an organization.


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SCT® Participants journey

  • Entry Interview: Interested candidates shall submit an expression of interest, and then an interview will be conducted 1:1 with one of the program facilitator to explore and discuss the candidate’s potential and suitability for this certification.
  • Before attending the TCS training: You will receive a guide to prepare a real case study based on cultural transformation requirements of an internal or external customer.
  • During the TCS training: You will learn how to use models and tools to design and implement a cultural transformation process for your customer.
  • After the TCS training: You will receive guidance and virtual support from a Senior SCT Mentor, to implement your transformation process and measure its contribution to your customer’s KPI’s.
  • Certification: Once you present your project implemented to the full satisfaction of your client, we grant you your “SCT Practitioner Certification”.


This SCT® Program is officially endorsed by Barret Values Centre, aimed to: 

  • Managers of Human & Organizational Development, Talent Managers, Project Leaders of Innovation and Leaders of Digital Transformation.
  • Consultants, Internal Mentors, Facilitators and Coaches who wish to integrate the SCT ® Model into their professional practice.
  • CTT Certified Consultants who wish to update their competencies for designing and implementing cultural transformation processes.


SCT® Participant’s testimonials

  • My admiration and respect to the members of the teams who with their creativity and humility have been the architects of the transformation.
  • Now, they do not longer label cultural change as an impossible dream or a utopia of Human Resources.
  • The leaders of my organization now understand that cultural transformation is a critical factor of business success.
  • I thank the teams that have dared to propose changes and improvements, and how to achieve them in such a short time.
  • I have no words to thank the commitment and motivation of the leaders who have inspired and empowered their teams.
  • The most significant change in the leadership team? They used to consider it a waste of time and now they are convinced that cultural change efforts are an investment that has a measurable return on improving KPIs.


About the Trainers


Niran Jiang

Co-founder of The Institute of Human Excellence

BVC Trainer Partner

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Hector Infer

Founder of Transform Action

BVC Trainer Partner

Partner of Global Coaching Group

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Gabriela Infer

Manager of Transform Action

BVC Trainer Partner

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This programme can be delivered in English, Spanish, Chinese or Portuguese.


Information & Registration


Gabriela Infer  

Email:  or

Tel +(34) 91 351 7761


Institute of Human Excellence

Niran Jiang


Tel: +61 2 9400 7018


Download the programme here.
Visit the website for more information. 


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