2015 Customer Values Assessment Results

We would like to share the results of our Customer Values Assessment with you.  You have access to all of the results, so you can dig in as deep as you like.  

Customer Values Assessment Overall Results

Customer Cultural Evolution Report 2015 vs 2014

CTT Trained Consultants

CTT Trained Internal Change Agents

CTT Trainers

CTT Relationship Other

Length of Relationship 0-1 year

Length of Relationship 2-5 years

Length of Relationship 6-10 years

Length of Relationship More than 10 years

Free Response Themes

Additionally, here are the results from our internal CVA as well:

Barrett Values Centre CVA

Barrett Values Centre Cultural Evolution Report 2015 vs 2014

We are in the process of setting up feedback sessions to explore themes and topics that emerged from your feedback in more depth.  Invitations to these sessions are coming soon.  

We welcome any and all feedback you have for us. Please contact Hannah Lee or anyone else at Barrett Values Centre to share your feedback.