CTT Consultant II: Building a Values-Driven Organisation


CTT Consultant Part II:  Building a Values-Driven Organisation (aka “Part II”) is a three-day certification training designed to deepen your understanding of the Barrett Model and CTT assessments with a focus on interpreting their results and learning practical ways to work with the data to support the process of leadership development and cultural transformation.

You will learn to coach others using the CTT assessments at a transformational level. To be eligible for Part 2, participants must have successfully completed Part 1 and preferably have gained some first-hand experience working with the tools.



CTT Consultant II:  Building a Values-Driven Organisation:

  • Furthers your understanding and capacity to represent the Barrett Model and Cultural Transformation Tools.
  • Develops your capacity to analyse and interpret the CTT assessments and prepare your own findings to share with clients, with a concentration on the Small Group Assessment (SGA) and Cultural Values Assessment (CVA).
  • Introduces you to the 4 Why’s Process and how to help organisations create their vision and mission statements.
  • Explores how to create personal and structural alignment within an organisation, reinforcing an organisations culture and mission.
  • Demonstrates how to give feedback with the Leadership Values Assessment (LVA).
  • Helps you put your hands-on training immediately into practice with a complimentary Small Group Assessment (SGA) or Leadership Development Report (LDR), and receive ongoing mentorship from the CTT Global Network.
  • Provides you with access to a repository of materials that will support your ongoing exploration of and practice with CTT.




The first step to becoming certified at this level is to select and enroll in a Part II certification session with one of BVCs Global Partners. Each Partner weaves in unique experiences and expertise while addressing all the core competencies and learning objectives of the program. For example, one Partner may have extensive experience in team performance while another in strategic development.

  • View upcoming Part II:  Building a Values-Driven Organisation (BVDO) sessions to the right and/or on the Calendar. 
  • Enroll in the session that aligns with your interests. 

Note: BVC’s Global Partner Faculty deliver this programme publicly as well as private in-house programs.  The standard price for this programme is $2000/$1800 (live/virtual) per participant.  Partners may elect to adjust this price based on each programme’s unique circumstances.  Private group sessions can also be arranged with each Partner directly. 


After enrolling in Part II, our Partner will provide you with the list of pre-work to complete before you start your training session.  This generally includes:   

Note:  Completing this work is a pre-requisite for being able to participate in the Part II training session.  It must be completed within 2 weeks of the session start date.


Upon completing your pre-work, you will be ready to participate in your programme. Like anything, the more you bring of yourself to this, the more you will benefit and gain.  We invite all participants to explore one or more of the following:

  • A passion you want to develop
  • A question you want to answer
  • A challenge you want to face

Just before your training session begins or at the event, our Partner will provide you with the materials you can view and download, including presentation materials, workbooks and any other specific materials they would like to share with you. 

All Partners cover the following content, providing their unique insights based on their professional expertise and experience.

  • Interpreting Organisational Values Assessments (SGA, CVA, LTVA)
  • Building Personal, Structural, Values & Mission Alignment
  • Choosing Core Values
  • Creating Mission & Vision Statements – Using The 4 Why’s Process
  • Leadership Development Using the Leadership Values Assessment (LVA) and Leadership Development Report (LDR)
  • The Whole Systems Change Process
  • How to market the Cultural Transformation Tools® to your external or internal client


At the conclusion of your session, our Partner will provide you with your Certificate of Accreditation based on your experience in the course and level of confidence to represent the Barrett Model and work with the CTT assessments as covered in the programme.


Upon completing your programme, you will also receive an email from BVC welcoming you to our CTT Global Network inviting you to join our online community in Compass and MyCTT, with contains a wealth of information and resources.

Your programme fees also include a complimentary Small Group Assessment (SGA) or Leadership Development Report (LDR). These are valid for up to six months to enable you to immediately practice what you’ve learned.

You will also be invited to participate in our CTT in Action webinars and other professional development opportunities.


Upon successful completion of these three phases (approximately 36 hours of study and experience), you will be ready to share your accreditation as BVC Certified Consultant II.   You will be able to run your own workshops and offer solutions to your clients drawing upon the Barrett Model and CTT assessments.  

(Note:  Following this level of certification, you will be able to purchase BVC CTT assessments and reports based on this CTT Price List.)

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